Happy Summer Birthdays to my Boys!

First Published June 21, 2011

I am blessed.  Three healthy, handsome children, all now grown — but ALL for a brief time that felt like eternity under the age of five, ALL in car seats at the same time, and for a very short while all in diapers. Going anywhere was an event, taking longer to pack and get ready than whatever it was we were supposed to do!  One new baby in my arms, a toddler under 1-1/2 holding my hand–meaning my oldest (still under 5) was loose! Two cars required when we went anywhere as a family… but ALL so worth all the early commotion.Son number one was actually unnamed for two days because although we had picked names long in advance of the big event, the name just didn’t fit when he arrived!  Finally, we agreed on Brian (hard to choose a good first name to go with a one-syllable last name). I felt like a bad mother already:  No name when the big day arrived and no experience with babies!  I certainly learned fast. Two years later, second son, Michael, arrived and really couldn’t have been named anything else.  He was definitely, Michael.  Just under a year and a half later, Jennifer joined the crowd.  She was wonderful–such a treat and so different in personality after having two noisy, squabbling boys (and I still tell her she’s the icing on the cake).  All bright, all so individual, and to my delight all friends now that they are adults.

But this is really about the boys.  They were a real handful. That’s an understatement.  They were busy, perpetual motion machines, non-stop commotion, and did I mention all the commotion?  I always worked full time and if not for some wonderful au pair help over the years, I would have surely gone crazy, especially after a divorce when my daughter was just three.

A few years later I was reading a survey on popular names in the U.S. during the years they were born…I guess I shouldn’t have been a surprised to read an affiliated survey result stating that difficult and disruptive preschool boys were most often named, you guessed it:  Brian, followed by Michael!

I love you all and I wouldn’t change you for the world!

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